Insect monitoring results

Back in early November 2018, Janice Edwards and Pat O’Brien laid out our insect traps. This monitoring is done every year as part of the WCMG monitoring programme. It is usually carried out about the same time but due to weather-sometimes the work is delayed. This year we have observed an increase in the number of families captured (7 families have been recorded this year) which is encouraging. The family which was most represented was the Dipterae (flies and mosquitos).

It is encouraging to see that the young forest growing along the river is now increasing the local biodiversity providing a food source for all sorts of creatures. A big thank you to Janice for her commitment, time and patience for a very laborious task of counting large numbers of very tiny bugs. The information provided is extremely valuable as it demonstrates the beneficial change generated by the project overtime.

Insect survey 2018

Insect monitoring programme

On Tuesday the 6th of November, Janice Edwards and Pat O’Brien headed out into the catchment to set up our yearly insect monitoring traps. The group monitors its insect population using a simple but effective protocol. This monitoring programme allows us to measure the impact of the restoration programme on our local insect biodiversity.  The traps are left out for a week. The insects collected over this period get trapped into an alcohol jar and are then identified by Janice.  She is then able to count the number of taxons present in the jar and compare with last years count. We are aiming for a higher number of taxons (families) which was the case last year.

A big thank you to Janice and Pat for making this important monitoring tool happen on a yearly basis.