Kathleen Mato welcomes the Green Ribbon Awards

Last week, Pat and Sue O’Brien paid Kathleen Mato a visit in Gisborne. Kathleen was very proud for the group to have received the Supreme Award at the Green Ribbon Awards. Kathleen received quite a few Awards during her time as the Leader of the Group. Well done Kathleen for the Legacy you leave.


May water monitoring data

Water monitoring was carried out at Whangawehi. Faecal contamination is bellow acceptable limit for recreational purposes which is surprisingly good. Water sampling was done after a long rain event and it is good to see that our riparian strips and fences are doing a good job. During the sampling, we observed quite a few geese dwelling in several tributaries. Surprisingly enough, these tributaries had higher than average E Coli levels. The geese population will have to be controlled if we want to reduce our faecal contamination in the waterways.


Press release for the project

The has been fortunate to have some very good media coverage over the past few weeks. You can follow the links or browse via the Communication tab. Happy reading.


WairoaStarJune2017-Green RibbonAwards


Hon Dr Nick Smith- Press Release

Green Ribbon Awards

HBTodayJune2017-Green RibbonAwards

Gisborne Herald June2017- Green Ribbon Awards


Planting day going ahead

Hi all,

The planting day on Okepuha Station is going ahead with some good weather hopefully.

Date : 17th of June 2017

Location : Okepuha Station 1782 Mahia East Coast Road

See flyer attached : WhangawehiPlanting2017

Please give me a call if you need any more information.

Thank you for your support.



Whangawehi Finalist at the Green Ribbon Award

“The Green Ribbon Awards recognise the recognise outstanding contributions by individuals, communities and organisations to protect and manage New Zealand’s environment”.

The WCMG has been selected as a finalist to the most prestigious environmental awards in the country, it is a privilege and a significant recognition for our landowners, community and Marae. It is the 4th time in a row that the group competes but this year, the WCMG was able to demonstrate for the first time via HBRC input that the work done was improving significantly water quality. This is unique in Hawkes Bay and we hope that the hard work achieved by all our volunteers will be recognised and awarded by a winner prize in the “caring for our water” category.

Well done to you all.

We will keep you posted.


Successful applications for Whangawehi

The group is privileged to be the recipient of two funds cumulating a total amount of  $130 K inclusive of GST. These grants will be used to continue our restoration project including water testing, riparian planting and bush fencing on Taharoa Trust.

A big thank you to our sponsors for their continued support.

Workshop on financial sustainability

We have achieved a lot in the past five years, through the support of landowners, Marae, school, community and public agencies. We now need to look forward to identify our next set of goals, and both preserve and diversity the funding sources which will enable us to achieve those goals.

Two facilitators, Gerard Quinn and Will Allen, ran a very encouraging workshop at Kaiuku Marae and helped the group look at avenues for longer-term funding sustainability.

It was fascinating to be part of the outcome harvesting and headlines exercises and compare the data with the one collected 2 years ago.

A big thank you to you all for your input, to HBRC for funding this really important workshop and to the Kaiuku Marae for welcoming us so well.






Rod Dickson and his team visit Whangawehi

IMG_3933 2010IMG_39312010IMG_12572017


It has been a while since Rod and his team came to have a look at the Whangawehi pest control work. It was a pleasure to have them back to have a look at the traps and give us some invaluable advice. Hans Rook, wetland expert, had a look at the wetland work done in January in order to raise water levels and create more open water. Rooky is confident that the habitat is improving and should attract a range of wetland birds including the rare Matuku or Bittern.

Thank you all for your support.