• Whangawehi river is sacred to Rongomaiwhaine Iwi and Hapu who have developed strong and intimate cultural and spiritual connections with the Awa.
• Tangata Whenua expressed a strong desire to have a cultural survey done in the lower reaches of the Whangawehi River in order to :
– record and protect any sites of significance prior to the construction of fences and the establishment of trees.
– transfer the cultural knowledge to the younger generations.

 2013 – Archaeological survey

A physical assessment done by an Archaeologist (Kevin Jones) in october 2013 in order to identify significant sites.

Whangawehi survey report

2014 – Cultural and spiritual assessment

• A cultural survey was done by Man Cracknell and includes:

– a spiritual assessment done by a Matakite (Mana Cracknell)
– a Cultural report including a clear description of the sites and their significance (Mana Cracknell)


• All contractors working along the Whangawehi stream are asked to follow the Accidental Discovery Protocol developed by the NZ Historic Places Trust.

2015 – Pongaroa stations’ restoration project

A new fence will be built along the true left side of the Whangawehi stream in January 2015. A field assessment was carried out in order to prepare this work and make sure sites of significance are fenced off and protected.

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