Walkway status


Mahia was hit by the storm in February 2023 like most of Hawkes Bay creating flood and soil slips in a number of areas. The Whangawehi catchment hasn’t been affected too badly which is a blessing. The walkway is open from the Whangawehi car park to the hut but is closed in the Forest. Several trees have fallen over the track and contractors are clearing them at the moment. An update will be posted on the website as soon as the forest section is save to use. Crossing creeks and streams is also a hazard so please use common sense and follow the instructions regarding stream crossing displayed on the signs along the river.

New counters for the walkway

First Light foundation granted support to the WCMG to purchase 2 high tech counters for the walkway. These counters will be installed at both entrances in the near future. These counters will indicate in real time the type of usage, number of trampers as well as the direction they have chosen. A big thank you First Light for their support.