A Read Meat For Profit Partnership (RMPP) group is looking at developing a Rec Meat Story

With support from B+L NZ, a group of Mahia farmers is actively working at articulating an environmental brand that will leverage a premium from the meat produced under a catchment management plan. The process is long and the group is initially trying to identify what makes them different from the rest of the country. The second step will look at including their farming practices into an environmental charter or Farm quality assurance

Nick Beeby visits Whangawehi- April 2019

On the 30th of April 2019, Nick Beeby, General Manager – Market Development for Beef and Lamb came to visit the Whangawehi project. Nick presented the newly launched Taste Pure Nature brand. A very constructive discussion took place afterwards as the Whangawehi farmers are looking at branding their environmental work to leverage a premium. It is the early days but all farmers agreed on the need to have a strong Quality Assurance programme to underpin any brand. Nick provided advice and feedback on a number of farm related topics. A big thank you to Beef and Lamb and Nick in particular for making himself available to help our community.

Whangawehi farmers join the Red Meat Profit Partnership- March 2019

Beef and Lamb is supporting a farmers lead initiative whose focus is around branding and leveraging funding from the environmental work done in the Whangawehi catchment. A first meeting was held on Okepuha station. Beef and Lamb funds a coordinator whose role will be to assist farmers in developing a vision and a set of goals. He will also bring in experts to inspire and guide. Peter Andrew from AgFirst in Gisborne will be facilitating these meetings with support from Nic Caviale WCMG project coordinator and Beef and Lamb New Zealand.

May 2014  

Mike Barton’s presentation

Nathan Heath Hawkes Bay Regional Council Presentation

The first step towards a branding initiative

• The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group has invited Mike Barton to talk to farmers interested in growing their business and being environmentally sustainable. Mike’s presentation will be at Mahia Golf Club on the 22nd of May 2014.
• Mahia Peninsular farmers, Pat and Sue O’Brien, see some connections between what Mike Barton has done in Taupo and the significant conservation work undertaken on Mahia Peninsula to protect water quality. They say his story is inspirational and believe there are opportunities local farmers could consider.
• The Bartons recently won the 2014 Waikato Balance Environment Award and are among the top beef farmers.
• Mike and Sharon Barton farm Glen Emmreth on the western shore of Lake Taupo under a nitrogen cap. Due to a high level of N leaching into Lake Taupo from surrounding farmland, legislation was bought in to protect the lake health. By limiting the amount of nitrogen discharged into the Lake Taupo catchment, the normal farm business model of increasing production in the face of rising costs and flat commodity prices was not a profitable option. With restrictions on stocking rate, the Bartons had to find an innovative way to increase their profitability. They developed their own beef brand “ Taupo Beef” which looks to extract a premium for beef produced, under a catchment wide plan to protect water quality. The results of significant trials and research carried out on the farm lead the Bartons to adopt a more environmentally friendly farming system. Mike’s story is passionate and could inspire other farmers to better link their conservation work with the marketing of their produce.

• The seminar is available on Youtube. If you are interested please follow the link (

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