Nga Whenua Rahui audit

Rangimarkus Heke, Fund Manager for Nga Whenua Rahui, came to visit the site yesterday. He was impressed by the work achieved so far and full of compliments. Trees have grown a lot over the summer due to a reasonably moist climate and a good tree maintenance policy. Rangi got the opportunity to visit Pat’s wetlands and understood how all these ecosystems interact. With a significant increase in frog numbers this year, he was confident that the rare Bittern wouldn’t be long to come. Rangimarkus will be assisting the group with a new funding package via the MTK fund. Nga mihi Rangi.

Moemotu Station on board

On the 15th of April, Ross Mear and Kelvin Hale (co owners of Moemotu Station) signed the Whangawehi Catchment Managament Group’s Memorandum of Understanding. Both owners are extremely supportive of the group’s vision and it is great to have them on board. The owners’ vision is to gradually retire the station and let it revert to native trees.

We welcome Kelvin and Ross and are looking forward to working with them.

Photos on the way to Moemotu Station :

Macro Community Invertebrate Indexing

Macroinvertebrates are aquatic bugs large enough to be seen without a microscope and are sensitive to organic pollution. Our water monitoring programme includes the traditional stream quality assessment based on analysing water quality and chemical data. However this technique often misses “pulses” of stress like pollution events because the change in water chemistry is short lived. The composition of the macroinvertebrates community can “record” a pulse of stress because the diversity and abundance of the biotic community will take longer to recover. Hence the macroinvertebrates community are more integrated and can be a better measure of overall stream health.

MCI scores

MCI>120 : Excellent

100<MCI <120 : Good

80<MCI<100 : Moderate

MCI<80 : Poor

HBRC and the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group have been carrying out the MCI indexing for several years. Follow the link for more information :


KiniKini Station joins the Group


On the 2d of April, KiniKini Station’s Trust board joined the restoration programme by signing the group’s Memorandum of Understanding. The Trust is a significant stakeholder in the catchment and leases part of its estate to Okepuha station (owned by Richard and Hannah Coops also signatories). We welcome the new partner on board and are looking forward to working with the owners in the future.  The group now has 13 signatories out of 15 landowners .