Upcoming Mountain Bike Ride

The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group is offering a one off opportunity this summer to discover the magnificent scenery of Mahia Penninsula by mountain bike.  This mountain bike ride will be another vehicle to promote the restoration project and raise awareness of the groups work.  This 25 kilometre loop will start (and finish) at the Mahia Fishing Club, Saturday 12th March 2016 at 10.30am with registration and safety briefing commencing from 9.30am.  The ride will include gravel roads and forestry tracks with some steep gradients along the way.   Hopefully the scenery will make this effort all worth while.  Bring all your gear, plenty of water and lunch.  A sausage sizzle will be provided after the event.  If you require any further information please contact Project Co-Ordinator Nic Caviale-Delzescaux on 06 838 8527.  Keep an eye on whangawehi.com for last minute updates.

Download flyer :Mountain Bike poster January 2016

Whangawehi at the A&P Show

The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group had a display at the A&P Show in Wairoa in order to promote and raise awareness on stream restoration. The day was a real success due to the support received from our Community.

Thank you all for your help.

A success for the last guided walk

Friday was the last of a series of 4 very successful guided walks for the Whangawehi group. Nearly 50 participants attended this last event for a walk starting at the Waste Water Treatment Plant and finishing at the Whangawehi bridge. The public was given en explanation of the scheme as well as the restoration programme undertaken downstream  by the community. The large numbers of participants reinforced the group’s conviction that there is a demand for a walk way/cycle way in order to show case the work done and share some of the stories associated with local Maori history with the wider community.

All participants were impressed by the work done and some will come back to support the community planting weekends. Thank you to the landowners for opening their gates for these special events and thank you to Arthur and Malcolm for sharing their knowledge of the area.

Arthur Bowen on Clean Water Tour

Last week, Arthur Bowen was interviewed by the “Clean Water Tour” team . His 3 minute clip “It’s all about the future” illustrates part of the work the Whangawehi Catchment Group has undertaken to improve water quality. Thank you Arthur for making yourself available and sharing your passion for the work you are doing.

Nga mihi nui ki a koe Arthur.

Enjoy the viewing : https://youtu.be/k_nZU-4zzUs

If you want to learn more about the Fresh Water Tour, join their Facebook Page :


Homestead restoration project update

Graham Douglas and Nic Caviale Delzescaux pegged the outline of a new fence to be built on Homestead Farm as part of the Whangawehi restoration programme. Homestead Farm, owned by Grandy Lake Forest, was one of the first landowners to sign the group’s Memorandum of Understanding. Last winter, the Company completed its first riparian fencing and planting project in partnership with Pat and Sue O’Brien (Taharoa Trust). Both landowners retired 10 ha of their land and established 36 000 native trees with support from volunteers.

This new fence will be 1.5 km long on both sides of the river (3 km in total) and will allow the retirement of 10 ha of riparian margins. This is a two year project that will require 36 000 native trees. Once completed, 7 km of river will have been fenced off and planted. A big thank you to Grandy Lake Forest and adjoining landowners for their support.

Stunning turn out on the third guided walk

Over fifty visitors, both local and international turned out for the third guided walk this summer.  Due to previous request, the day started at the Mahia Beach Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Jamie Cox, Manager of the Wairoa District Council Engineering Department, allowed the group to specially access the site and also gave a comprehensive explanation of the whole system and how it functions.  The group then traversed the forest where Leon Symes,  Treasurer and one of the original foundation members of the W.C.M.G. spoke about the significant sites for local Maori.  Arthur Bowen, Cultural Health Index Co-Ordinator, explained the life cycle of the Whitebait in the Catchment and underlined the positive impact that the Restoration Programme is having on this rare fish species.  The day ended at the Whangawehi Bridge where Malcolm Smith, DOC ranger, talked about the Blue Penguin Restoration Programme and the many other birds that are returning to the area.  We thank all the visitors who have supported these guided walks and welcome them in the future for any new guided walks or community planting days.

Next guided walk Friday the 15th of January

Whangawehi display at the Mahia market

Despite the bad weather forecast, the Whangawehi Catchment Management team came together to display the work done and promote the summer series of guided walks and presentations. A huge crowd turned out in the later part of the morning and a number of these people showed interest in the  out coming guided walks. Not surprisingly many of these people were already aware of the group’s profile which was quite satisfying.

A big thank you to Oha Manuel (Engagement Officer),  Jenny Scothern (school coordinator),  Malcolm Smith (DOC), Rae and Toria Te Nahu and the O’Briens for their support during this promotional day.

Our next promotional event will be at the same market next week 10th of January followed by the A&P show on the 16th of January.

Thank you for your support.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

P.M. award for Arthur

Arthur Bowen has been presented a Prime Ministers Excellence Award, celebrating outstanding delivery of education at a secondary school level to Gisborne Boys High School.  The Board of Trustees presented Arthur with this award for the contribution he makes to this HIgh School.    Arthur is also heavily involved with the Matauranga Maori School programme at Te Mahia primary school.  Congratulations for this well deserved award.  Your hard work and dedication to your local community has not gone unnoticed.




1st Whangawehi guided walk 2016

Despite the average weather, the second guided walk was a success with a reasonable turnout.  Families and regular visitors from Mahia appreciated the fact that they could walk through private land and discover a bit more in depth about the Peninsula and it’s rich Maori history.  The next walk is planned for Saturday 9th January 2016, meeting at the Mahia fishing club at 9am.