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Background information :

Water monitoring started in 2013 when the community expressed a strong desire to be involved and lead a community based water monitoring programme.

Two types of monitoring are undertaken :(for more information please clic our water monitoring tab)

– the Cultural Health Index protocol looks at water quality from a cultural perspective. This project stared in 2013 and is funded by Nga Whenua Rahui and HBRC
– a western science monitoring programme was developed with technical support from HBRC.Monitoring plan summary:
– Number of sites: The selection of 6 sites throughout the catchment. These sites are identical to the sites currently monitored by our Cultural Health Index programme since 2013. They also include all the sites monitored by HBRC since 2011.
– Frequency : Each site will be monitored every second month
– Parameters measured:
. Flows (Flow and discharge will be done with the assistance of HBRC)
. Nutrients (N,P,K)
. Faecal bacteria E Coli and Enterococci
. Turbidity, conductivity , Ph and T
. Dissolved oxygen (only during the summer period)
– Other monitoring:
. A comprehensive fish survey will done at strategyc times
. Periphyton and stream-bed sedimentation will be monitored on all sampling occasions.

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