The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group is undertaking a substantial restoration programme along the Whangawehi stream thanks to the support of a wide range of organisations providing technical and financial assistance. In parallel, the Hill Country Erosion programme funded by MPI and HBRC, promotes more sustainable farming practises which should lead to less sedimentation in the Whangawehi stream.  In its initial development phase, the WCMG has been focusing on understanding the catchment and implementing robust scientific monitoring systems to ensure future work will make positive and measurable changes.

Six tools have been developed  :

– a bird monitoring programme :

– a water monitoring programme :

– a stream bank monitoring programme (photo points) :

– a pest control monitoring programme : using tunnel tracking techniques, chew cards and Residual Trap catches.

– an insect monitoring programme : using a community based protocol.

– a governance monitoring tool : NZ Navigator

Monitoring map :


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