• Possum control across Mahia has been going since 2005 – under the Hawke’s Bay Regional’s Council’s Possum Control Programme or (PCA). In total, the peninsular programme is made up of 27 properties and covering 14,555 hectares where possum control is undertaken. Prior to the possum control going ahead, the population was very high even with some of the fur trapping that was taking place. Since the control has been done, the average possum count or residual trap catch (RTC) for the Mahia area sits around 2% and falling. With the removal of the significant possum population; there has been a noticeable increase in regeneration of both fauna and flora that makes up the Mahia cover. Through contractors, the Regional Council has set up free bait stations into networks across the properties. The Council subsidises the bait that goes into the bait stations by 50%, and is currently helping landowners with the overall cost per hectare to help with the control of possums.

• If you need more information on possum and pest control please follow the link : http://www.hbrc.govt.nz/HBRC-Documents/HBRC%20Document%20Library/BaitSubsidy.pdf