Whangawehi car park upgrade

On Tuesday the 8th of June 2021, Trevor Telfort, local digger operator undertook the upgrade of the Whangawehi car park.

Over 50 m3 of metal was used to create a flat platform in front of the Pongaroa Station retaining wall. The car park was initially designed to host 4 or 5 cars but Trevor managed to extend the platform. 10 cars should now be able to use the facility. 4 culverts have been put in place to guarantee good drainage. A big thank you to Trevor for his dedication and skills. The Kinikini car park will be upgraded on Friday, weather permitting.

Outdoor furniture update

Chris Wilson local artist and cabinet maker has already started creating outdoor furniture for the walkway. Several Totara logs have been cut into slabs and will be used to create natural looking picnic tables and chairs. We are looking forward to discovering how these rough looking logs will look like after being transformed by Chris’s skills.