The development of the Goat Control Strategy started in 2013.

• The WCMG developed a goat control strategy looking at protecting the future plantings along the Whangawehi stream, in partnership with Hawkes Bay Regional Council and Department of Conservation.
• Past controls were carried out in the area by DOC, a Forestry Company (Grandy Lake Forest) and to a lesser extent by some landowners. These controls have been carried out through a variety of techniques; Heli shooting, ground shooting and mustering. Each of these stakeholders have been conducting their control independently of each other which reduced the scope and efficiency of the controls.
• The aim of the Coordinated Management Area is to gain both more effective control and cost benefits from having a collective control programme being conducted by one contractor, working the control area systematically.
• The goat control strategy is too large to be available online, if you want any more information regarding this document please contact the Project Coordinator.

Goat Control Strategy

Goat Control strategy

Large scale goat control strategy