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Why a monitoring plan ?

The WCMG is in the process of fencing off 7 km of river margins and establishing 200000 native trees over the next 5 years. One of the main goals is to restore the habitat for fresh water native fish species, improve water quality and bring back the bird life that used to live there.

A bird monitoring programme was developped with the help of HBRC, DOC and local bird watchers in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the management actions undertaken. This programme, like the others will be ongoing.

Update January 2015:

5 sites have been identified in different parts of the farm (Taharoa Trust) in order to better understand the birdlife already present and measure the impact of the conservation initiatives over time (habitat restoration and pest control). The traditional 5 minutes count method is used and will be implemented by local bird watchers on a monthly basis with support from DOC and local volunteers. This monitoring programme will expand as the restoration of the Whangawehi  progresses.

Protocole :


Data sheet :


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