Geo tech for the suspension bridge

On Tuesday the 11th of August 2020, Alex Mayhead from LDE Gisborne came to Whangawehi to assess the ground conditions around the proposed suspension bridge site. Despite the bad weather, Alex managed to carry out his field work. A full geo tech report will be prepared in the next few weeks. Site conditions are good on the whare side of the river but ground conditions are more challenging on the forestry side. We will work with Alex and bridge engineers to build a long lasting structure.

A big thank you to Alex who made time for this project.

Resource consent for the walkway lodged

On Thursday the 6th of August 2020, the WCMG lodged the resource consent for the Whangawehi walkway. A big thank you goes to our landowners, Iwi and Marae for their support during this process. Wairoa District Council -Resource Senior Planner Hinetaakoha Viriaere  and her team have been extremely helpful, thank you for your guidance and support.