Whangawehi Logo

On Thursday the 19th of May, Patricia Taumata-Albert and Hineira Hooper-Kawana, students at Te Mahia School, gave their pepeha and introduced themselves to the members of the catchment committee. Both students displayed their completed logo’s and explained their perspective of how the logo should look and the process that it took to achieve their end result. A clear file of some of the children’s attempts at the logo was left for the members to peruse.

We thank you Te Mahia School for their help and support. It is great to have the students involved in all the different aspects of our work including the design of our logo.

Nga mihi nui kia koutou

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Whangawehi Finalist at the Green Ribbon Award

Hi all,

The Whangawehi community has been given the opportunity to compete as a finalist (for the third time) at the Green Ribbon Award. This nomination recognises the outstanding effort of the WCMG  to protecting the environment. Congratulations to you to you all for this National recognition.


DOC cleans up Moemotu Station

Mark Lewis from DOC carried out today his first aerial goat shooting operation on Moemotu Station. The owners have agreed to remove the goat population for the benefit of NZ indigenous fauna and flora. A muster was undertaken on the same property last week and removed 350 goats. Well done for this very successful first goat control operation.


Restoration update


The habitat restoration programme is now well underway.

  • Taharoa :  5 ha of bush are fenced off with the last battens nailed today.
  •  Homestead/Grandy Lake : The fencer will be starting next week and the cows that you can see in the photos bellow won’t be accessing the stream anymore. By fencing off the stream, the WCMG committed to offer several alternative water supply options to the farm. This was done by extending the already existing reticulated water supply system, installing 5 troughs and a new water tank. A small farm dam was also dug and will be used as a back up if necessary. The area was sprayed a few weeks ago and is now getting ready for this winter’s planting. Weather permitting, the new fence will be finished by mid May.

At completion of this project, the group will have met a major milestone (7 km of stream fenced off on both side). This ambitious project is the fruit of an intense collaboration between all stakeholders and sponsors.  Well done to you all.

A big thank you to Steeve Campbell from Wairoa Fencing who is moving to the South Island. We wish him all the best in his new life. His workmanship and reliability will be missed by all. Good luck Steeve.


Water monitoring at Whangawehi

On Tuesday, Arthur Bowen undertook his water monitoring run as part of the Whangawehi Catchment water monitoring plan. This month, Arthur carried out the Macro Community Invertebrate Index which is a way of assessing the health of a stream by studying and following the communities (or bugs) that live in it. This study is carried out every year and we hope that over time our ” bugs” will tell us how healthy is our Awa.

Arthur observed some very low water levels for the season with some algae growth in places. White baits and native fish were observed in small numbers.