Meeting on the Taharoa Trust

IMG_0278.JPGLast week, Fenton Wilson, Mike Adye and Nathan Heath from Hawkes Bay Regional Council came to the Taharoa Trust to meet with Pat O’Brien (Chairman of the WCMG) and Nic Caviale (Project Coordinator).  All parties gathered around the table to share ideas and options on how to sustain the work carried out by the group in the future.

On behalf of the WCMG, I would like to acknowledge HBRC’s support and commitment to find innovative ways of supporting our community initiative.

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Mountain Bike Ride 12 March 2016 – Feedback.

Fantastic – Well organised!! Thanks Stef

Awesome – friendly well organised – [name]

Great Ride and well organised [signature]

Bruce – awesome [signature]

Thank you very much for organising a great ride [signature]

Awesome Thanks !

Absolutely awesome !! Well done organising team – I would even pay to come & do this.

Dreydon Hughes – Absolutely awesome track!!

Awesome downhill section. Very scenic.

Great ride, would definitely do again.

How Amazing experience, wonderful

Good idea to mow forest road

Loved it – Sore butt J Tina

Amazing would do it again great organisation.

Beautiful Ride – a Bit rough in patches& water crossings

Awesome ride great downhills.

Fantastic event. Loved the ride Well organised and very friendly people J A++++

I felt very safe knowing there are checkpoints.

Lovely Ride, Really enjoyed it. Rod K.

Fantastic Event – Well Done


GR8 race/ride. Need to put a bike rack on 4wd Backup vehicle if multiple issues. Carry Biker & People.

My First Trail Bike Ride after having walked it. Excellent.

FAN – TAS – TIC!!! Great ride for young and old. Shame more rides aren’t around like this. Thanks Heaps.

Good fun – clud push it more as a family event + or for riders who haven’t done much mountain biking.

Loved it – tick that off Bucket list !!!

Simon Firm – Great Ride


AWESOME – would love to do it again – AU OF IT.

Music to start when first people arrive. Approx 11.30am

Awesome event thanks & well done to organisers It would be great if there were mountain bikes payable local clubs ran support letting people use their clubs bikes, like Adventure Wairoa. people could use on the day at no cost to them to draw more people including tangata whenua. It would be good also to promote the event more to local Marae and people like those who run fitness programmes for Maori like Patu & Iron Maori local crews. Massive event, great to see planning & work of Whangawehi Catchment management group along the way.

Awesome Ride. Thanks for keeping an eye on us!

Excellent. Well organised & marked. great track.


Fantastic Community Planting weekend at Whangawehi

The Whangawehi community organised a community planting week end on Pongaroa Station last Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers planted in a day and a half  4500 native trees. The dinner and night at the Marae were a great opportunity to get to know each other better and tighten the link between locals, bach owners and volunteers coming from as far as France! A big thank you to Shane (Farm Manager), the Whangawehi community, Marae and volunteers for their help and support. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.

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Adieu Edward

Last week, the WCMG was sad to hear the passing of Edward Hammond. Edward ran several workshops with Te Mahia School around Matauranga Maori themes. His expertise in Rongoa and carving was appreciated by all the students. Edward really enjoyed interacting with the young ones and his passing leaves us with a huge loss.
Edward was also part of our water monitoring team and assisted the group in developing a cultural survey.
On Wednesday the 5th of April, Te Mahia students will plant a Totara above the Whangawehi bridge in remembrance of Matua Edward.
Adieu Edward

IMG_3012 IMG_3010IMG_1381Transfert of local knowledge

Transfert of local knowledge

Te Mahia School environmental programme

On the 17th of February, Te Mahia students put their tramping shoes on for a walk in the head waters of the Whangawehi Catchment. Graham Douglas, Forest Manager for Grandy lake Forest explained the multiple roles a commercial forestry plays as well as some information around sylviculture and tree biology. The students learnt how  to find out the age of a tree.

Malcolm Smith took the students for a bush walk in the Mahia scenic reserve where we all learnt lots of amazing things on our very special native forest.

A big thank you to the school team, Malcolm, Graham, Jenny, Rae and all the parents for their help during this amazing day.  helping hands IMG_4929 IMG_4934 IMG_4946 IMG_4949 IMG_4956 IMG_4964 IMG_4984 forestry presentationnorthern rata

Update on the school programme

Last week, students of Te Mahia school learnt how to prepare a planting project as they will be in charge of the establishment of 150 trees on the 4th of September. With the guidance of whanau and teachers, students talked about, ground preparation, weed and pest control, tree selection, planting design, budget, communication etc.

Te Mahia students and Whanau are active members of the Whangawehi Catchment restoration project and it was good to see their enthusiasm and interest. 

IMG_3293IMG_3299IMG_3268 IMG_3285  IMG_3276 IMG_3278IMG_3272IMG_3279IMG_3294IMG_3269