The Coops are finalists at the Ballance farm environmental awards

We are wrapped for Richard and Hanna Coops from Okepuha Station who have been nominated as a finalist for the East Coast section of the Ballance Farm Environmental awards.  Last year the Coops committed to an extensive planting programme which involved retiring and fencing off large chunks of their land.  Both of them have indicated that they are keen to undertake further environmental work in the near future. Winners will be announced at the Ballance Farm Environmental Awards at the Napier conference Centre on Wednesday 28th March 208.  On behalf of the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group we wish them all the best at the ceremony.

Whangawehi on National TV

Sean Hogan from TVNZ came to Whangawehi to illustrate via a short video clip how small rural communities can address water quality issues.  Enjoy the viewing and well done to you all.


Water monitoring run

Our water monitoring programme has been upset this winter by a combination of heavy rain falls and a lot of Wind. Up to 190 km of Wind was recorded on Homestead and unfortunately a lot of windthrow occurred blocking site access. Graham Douglas did a fantastic work and reopened all the tracks for our pest control and water monitoring work, thank you for that.

This water monitoring site is incomplete as all the sites were not monitored at the same time due to access issues. This shouldn’t happen again as all tracks are cleared now.