Homestead restoration project update

Graham Douglas and Nic Caviale Delzescaux pegged the outline of a new fence to be built on Homestead Farm as part of the Whangawehi restoration programme. Homestead Farm, owned by Grandy Lake Forest, was one of the first landowners to sign the group’s Memorandum of Understanding. Last winter, the Company completed its first riparian fencing and planting project in partnership with Pat and Sue O’Brien (Taharoa Trust). Both landowners retired 10 ha of their land and established 36 000 native trees with support from volunteers.

This new fence will be 1.5 km long on both sides of the river (3 km in total) and will allow the retirement of 10 ha of riparian margins. This is a two year project that will require 36 000 native trees. Once completed, 7 km of river will have been fenced off and planted. A big thank you to Grandy Lake Forest and adjoining landowners for their support.

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