Whangawehi summer programme : presentations and guided walks


The Whangawehi community is proud to present its summer programme : WhangawehiGuidedWalks2015. Over the next two months, we will be attending some of the most popular events taking place in the Wairoa District to inform you on the projects’ latest news. Guided walks will also be offered to showcase some of the great work achieved so far. All these events are free so don’t miss out and come along with your family and friends…you will be amazed by some of the landscapes and stories you are going to capture.
Please check for updates as the guided walks are weather permitting.
See you there.

Check out our programme :WhangawehiGuidedWalks2015

Te Mahia School – Workshop on Rongoa and traditional use of native plants



Te Mahia students attended today a very informative workshop on Rongoa and traditional use of native plants. Kathleen Mato, Rae Te Nahu, Edward Hammond and Jennifer Scothern shared their knowledge to a very interested audience. Students had the opportunity to hear from their Kuia and Kaumatua how they used their precious native plants for medicinal and traditional purposes. Kathleen, Rae and Edward explained how in the past, people were relying a lot on these plants to survive.
Later on in August the students will be taking part to a planting project along the Whangawehi stream. After this workshop the students should know more about the trees they are going to plant.

School workshop Te Mahia School



At the beginning of July, Te Mahia school students learnt about fish and invertebrates that live in their river, why the river was so important and what to do to improve water quality.

This workshop is a part of the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group’s initiative looking at transferring local knowledge around Matauranga Maori themes in order to forge the next generations of Kaitiaki and reach out to the entire community.

This project is a collaboration between local Iwi and a large number of agencies.

The next workshop for this winter are :

– Vision map for the Catchment (24/07/2014)

– Native trees identification and properties (Rongoa etc.) ( 31/07/2014)

– Weaving workshop (14/08/2014)

We will keep you posted