Te Mahia bugs are in the stream!

It was a beautiful sunny day today and Te Mahia school students certainly made the most of it. With the help of Shane Gilmer from HBRC and Arthur Bowen our very own water monitoring expert, the kids got a closer look at the bugs that live in the Whangawehi Stream. It was a great opportunity for them to see Whitebait and eels whose populations are steadily increasing since the beginning of the restoration programme. A big thank you to Shane, Arthur, Jenny and all the whanau for their help during this exceptional workshop.

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School Planting day along the Whangawehi Stream

Te Mahia School students initiated the restoration of the Whangawehi stream on Pongaroa Station. They established, with a lot of skills and expertise, the first 200 trees on the true right side of the river. These trees will be spectacular in the years to come and will contribute to enhance our sacred Awa.

Thanks to Shane Mildenhall, Manager of the Station and all the Whangawehi community who came to support this initiative.

All the best to Kathleen and Rae for the Pride of New Zealand Award.

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Kaitiaki Competition

Te Mahia School students are competing for an environmental competition as part of the curriculum developed with the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group. The winners will be announced during the Award ceremony on the 20th of November.

Two students and one adult will have the unique opportunity to spend 4 days with Helen Jonas (DOC) on Waikawa Island and assist her in her conservation work including bird watching, banding, trapping et.

Waikawa Island

Waikawa Island

North of Waikawa

North of Waikawa

Ataahua Waikawa