Design work for a suspension bridge along the Whangawehi walkway

On Friday the30 th of May 2020, a specialized Civil Engineer from Abseil came to have a look at several sites where a suspension bridge will be built along the Whangawehi walkway. This suspension bridge should be built (once funding has been made available) on the Taharoa Trust and will allow trampers and bikers to access Grandy Lake Forest without getting their feet wet !

This bridge will be a statement as it will allow trampers to walk above a beautiful corridor of native trees. The Engineer had a look at several short wooden bridges on Pongaroa station. A big thank you to the landowners for their collaboration.

We are looking forward to receiving the designs and plans to keep the project moving.

We will keep you posted

Whangawehi walkway survey

The field work regarding the Whangawehi walkway survey was completed on Tuesday the 8th of October. It took a couple of attempts to cover the full length of the walkway. The computer work can now start. A big thank you to Kevin Taylor from Survey Gisborne Limited and his team (Allan) for assisting us with this work. A big thank you too, to the New Zealand Access Commission for providing financial and technical support. We will keep you informed on the next steps.

Fiona Clark visits Whangawehi

On the 11th of June, Fiona Clark from MPI visited the catchment to be more familiar with the restoration project and the walkway. Fiona was interested in better understanding where the walkway was, its connection with the DOC bush loop and the role it will play for the District.

Thank you Fiona for spending the time to come and visit us, we are looking forward to working with you more closely.

Walkway update

On Wednesday the 20th of March 2019, Ken Osborn, Managing Director for Grandy Lake Forest, signed the letter of intent allowing the walkway project to progress in the forest. This is a great news. A big thank you to Ken and Lindsay Robinson, new Forest Manager for Grandy Lake Forest for allowing the Whangawehi walkway to proceed. We will keep you posted on the next steps