Rod Dickson and his team visit Whangawehi

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It has been a while since Rod and his team came to have a look at the Whangawehi pest control work. It was a pleasure to have them back to have a look at the traps and give us some invaluable advice. Hans Rook, wetland expert, had a look at the wetland work done in January in order to raise water levels and create more open water. Rooky is confident that the habitat is improving and should attract a range of wetland birds including the rare Matuku or Bittern.

Thank you all for your support.



Water monitoring update

On the 8th of may, HBRC undertook a fish monitoring survey on the Whangawehi on the Taharoa Trust, just behind the shelter. Water was a bit high and coloured but the survey should give a good idea of population health in a stock free environment (fenced off in 2014). We are all waiting for a report but Arthur noticed a high number in small eels with an increasing number of short fin eels. An uncommon bully was found also.

The latest water monitoring at Mamangu is available : April2017

Pongaroa Station update

The Whangawehi cathment is changing, yesterday, I was riding my bike along the river  and was really impressed by the size of the trees…they are certainly growing extremely well. A photo tells a thousand words so enjoy the viewing. For those involved in the planting around the Mamangu site, you should be proud of your effort… a forest is quietly growing.

Okepuha station update

The restoration project on Okepuha Station is well underway. Last Friday, the digger operator was blading several fence lines and installing a few culverts. The fencing gear is already on site and the spraying completed. We just need some good weather to allow the fencer to get started.

Well done to all the contractors for doing their best to keep the project on track.

Funders gathering at Tuahuru Marae

On the 10 th of April, Whangawehi sponsors gathered at Tuahuru Marae to celebrate the work done along the Whangawehi stream. After 4 years of work, the group wanted to thank the different organisations involved and show them the fruit of their investments.

Rex Graham, new Chairman of the Hawkes Bay regional Council was extremely supportive and impressed by the work done and saw a template that could be transferred to other groups. Mo Rongo, Chairman of the Rongoamaiwahine Trust presented with a lot of passion Iwi’s aspirations in the post Treaty Settlement phase.

All our visitors were impressed and realised how committed the people of Mahia are in terms of restoring their environment.

Thank you all for your contribution during the day, we hope to see you again soon.

Kiwi talk at Whangawehi

On the 30th of March, Ian Tarei and Morgan Cox came to the Whangawehi meeting to talk about the Omataroa Kiwi Project based in Whakatane. Ian Tarei shared his story and key lessons learnt from his experience with the project.

The Whangawehi Catchment would be suitable for a Kiwi restoration programme because of its restored habitats and its pest control effort.

Ian and Morgan have sown a seed and gave quite a few tips on how their project became sustainable over time.

Thank you to both of them for their time and expertise.