Track construction update

On Monday the 7th of March 2022, Whangawehi was a hive of activity. The track maintenance team was cutting branches to help with the graveling work. The repair work is now completed, and South Star delivered on site several machines to carry out the graveling work. A health and safety tour was organised to show the contractors the different access points, the general area and the different health and safety concerns to take into considerations in this type of environment. The work started on Tuesday the 8th of March on the steepest part of the track called Mamangu. The progress of the work will rely on weather conditions. We hope that the winter rain will hold off until the graveling work is finished. A big thank you to Westerlund Contracting Ltd and South Star trails Ltd for their support.

Walkway facilities update

The Whangawehi team is working hard at preparing the final touches along the walkway. The toilet facilities near the hut are now accessible via a wooden staircase. The hut has now a bench and a tank (not fitted yet). Hannah Coop, new owner of Taharoa has now blocked off the gaps that were used by birds to nest in the hut. With a fresh sweep, the hut is looking great.

Picnic tables and seats are in the process of being installed. Most interpretative signs and kilometre markers have been concreted in.

Track update

On Thursday the 25th of February 2022, the walkway was a hive of activity. A digger operator completed an extensive track upgrade in the forestry with several culverts installed to capture excess water off the track. Several direction signs have also been installed. The signage work will continue once the tracks have dried up a bit more.

In the lower reaches, South Star is continuing the repair work with 2 diggers on site. The large slip has been worked with additional culverts and drainage systems installed. The track surface has been engineered to take the water off the track in the very steep parts.

The gravelling team is expected at the end of next week. We hope the weather is going to hold.

Facilities update

Russel Jane has been working a lot on our public facilities mainly located around the hut.

The stair case leading to the toilets is now completed as well as the kitchen sink bench and tank stand around the hut. More picnic tables will be soon installed near the crossing to offer a place for our visitors to rest.

Thank you all for your support.

Track update

The repair work is progressing very well. Several retaining walls and culverts have already been installed. A second digger operator will be on site this week to get the job done faster. The gravelling crew will be then able to start the work sometime next week (weather permitting). A big thank you to everybody for their help. We don’t have a lot of time left before winter sets and any additional support has been much appreciated.

Outdoor furniture

On Friday the 18th of February 2022, Nic met with Chris Wilson to discuss the deployment of several beautifully crafted pieces of outdoor furniture. The picnic tables and sits will be dispatched to the walkway in the next few days once we have organised the logistic. A big thank you to Chris for his support.

Construction of a retaining wall

The November 2022 storm weakened several sections of the track especially on steep contours. South Star Trails and the Whangawehi group are in the process of repairing the damage. Yesterday, Greg and Sio were building a retaining wall in the lower reaches of the track to secure a weak stretch. We hope that the weather will remain favourable to complete the repair work.

Earth work continues

The earth work continues in the Forest despite heavy rain falls that have slowed down the work. The digger operator has done wonders and is currently working on the section between the White pine crossing and the Kinikini car park. A big thank you to Ben and Mahia Forest for their support. The installation of the signs in the forest has been delayed until the track work is completed.