Eastern and Central Charity Trust supports the Whangawehi walkway

On the 28th of May 2020, Rose Artemiev, Community Advisor for Eastern and Central Charity Trust announced that the Trust has approved $170K towards the Whangawehi walkway and agreed to fund an additional $20K grant which will be used specifically to design small bridges as well as a suspension bridge.

A big thank you to the Trustees of ECCT for their support and investment in an infrastructure that will transform Mahia and the wider Wairoa District.

A special thank you from the Whangawehi Community to Rose Artemiev for her patience, dedication and guidance during the application process. We are looking forward to showing you the fruit of your investment.

Walkway planning

On Friday the 5th of June 2020, Richard Smith from Logic Forest Solutions Limited came to Whangawehi to prepare the design of the layout of the Whangawehi walkway.

Richard and his company have designed a number of tracks around the country and will provide design support to our project. Richard will work on a proposal for the group and will supply us a track specification document. This document will be used to tender the work involved with the construction of the track.

The track will be constructed on the true right of the river and will be located mainly in the retired area to offer a variety of views and also reduce any disturbance with farming operations.

Malcolm Smith couldn’t help himself and took the opportunity to showcase his brand new Ebike on this beautiful part of the catchment.

Gathering along the Whangawehi walkway

On Thursday the 4th of June 2020, Cameron Osmond (MBIE), Al Morrisson (MBIE), Mo Rongo (RIT), Malcolm Smith (DOC), Craig Little (WDC), Bevan Parker (Pongaroa Station), Arthur Bowen (WCMG) and Nic (WCMG) gathered at the Whangawehi bridge to discuss the up and coming Whangawehi Walkway. The great weather allowed the group to venture onto Taharoa Trust to have a look at a possible suspension bridge site next to the existing hut.

A big thank you to all the participants for their support.

Design work for a suspension bridge along the Whangawehi walkway

On Friday the30 th of May 2020, a specialized Civil Engineer from Abseil came to have a look at several sites where a suspension bridge will be built along the Whangawehi walkway. This suspension bridge should be built (once funding has been made available) on the Taharoa Trust and will allow trampers and bikers to access Grandy Lake Forest without getting their feet wet !

This bridge will be a statement as it will allow trampers to walk above a beautiful corridor of native trees. The Engineer had a look at several short wooden bridges on Pongaroa station. A big thank you to the landowners for their collaboration.

We are looking forward to receiving the designs and plans to keep the project moving.

We will keep you posted

Whangawehi walkway- scoping work with landowners and DOC

A few days before lockdown, back in April 2020, a small group of Landowners drove along the Whangawehi walkway to scope and discuss the work that will be required. Thanks to the generosity of landowners, the walkway will allow the general public to walk on several farms on an easement following the fenceline on the true right side of the river. The walkway is more or less already in place but the track will receive some upgrades to make it user friendly for trampers and bikers. A big thank you to the landowners and DOC who came to have a look at the project and gave some advice.