5 thoughts on “Whangawehi up for the Asia Pacific river Awards

  1. This is such amazing news for an incedible project. The Whangawehi Project is the gold standard for New Zealand restoration projects. The hard work, dogged determination and dedication by everyone involved on sunny and rainy days alike is awe-inspiring. The way this project has incorporated every aspect of Mahia (communities, local Māori, schools, private land-owners, industry, local businesses) to create a sense of responsibility and kaitiakitanga is something that New Zealand should (and is) proud of. Well done, not only for the long list of awards you have earned, but in turning Mahia back to its natural state.

    • This was the most certain method of achieving support for the whangawehi catchment management plan from all sectors in Mahia but it also gives every one an opportunity to be involved and feel proud for being so.

    • Thank you Rosalyn. All working together was a strategic means to an end to prevent opposition against the concept. while also showing our people that if we all support an issue it would bring many benefits us

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