New entrance for the Whangawehi

On Saturday the 1st September, the Whangawehi community banded together for a very productive working bee. The aim of the day was to spruce up the entry way into the conservation project alongside the Whangawehi bridge. There had been some dissatisfaction murmured amongst members that the gateway to such an award-winning conservation project needed to look much more impressive. That gave the six families and the army of children that turned up on the day- more than enough motivation to help create the right look for the entry way.

The weather played ball. Despite the amazing weather, the group underestimated how long it would take to remove the long agapanthus hedge (and its roots) next to the road side-even with the help of a handy tractor driver. The new post and railing fence built in its place more than justified the time lost because it looked very smart and impressive when it was finished. The school planting site was beautified with some much-needed weeding and the addition of a new access site. On the Pongaroa Station side of the river the weeds were taken to with a vengeance and old poplars removed with a chainsaw.

A huge thank you to the Whangawehi community that rolled up their sleeves for this working bee. The results achieved to date are linked directly to a small but passionate community and despite its size are producing huge results on a national and international level.


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