Community gathering at the Whangawehi Whare

On the 26th of January, the Whangawehi Committee gathered along the river to attend its first meeting in the newly built whare. This shelter built along the proposed walkway will allow the community to reconnect with the river and its native forest. This building was made possible thanks to the support of Carters Wairoa, land owners Pat O’Brien and DOC.

Thank you all for your support.

1 thought on “Community gathering at the Whangawehi Whare

  1. We had a great catchment meeting at the whare to start off 2017. Thanks to Pat, Malcolm and Arthur for transporting us all to the site. An extra thank you goes out to Arthur for transporting down a burner, water, kettle and cups which enabled us to have a lovely cup of tea and eats. It was also great to have Kathleen in attendance and have a chance to see the whare. Thanks to the members and community for attending our meeting at the whare, we can now tick another box arohanui Rae

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