Edward’s unveiling


On Sunday the 16th of October, family and whanau gathered along the Whangawehi bridge to unveil Edward Hammond’s plaque. Eddy was part of the water monitoring team, he also took part to the cultural survey carried out by Mana Cracknel. He was closely involved with Te Mahia school where he provided and transferred his knowledge to the younger generations. Edward had a special connection with the kids and took great satisfaction in teaching them what he knew. Edward was a doer always looking at interacting with the kids in a positive and constructive manner.

Edward’s plaque stands amongst his legacy, hundreds of native trees, blue penguin boxes and a beautiful Totara tree planted by the school students in remembrance of him. Eddy helped the group establish “te kakano” the seeds for a better future and a better community. Edward was a private and humble person and the unveiling was an opportunity to discover the community Man he was.

Nga mihi nui kia a koe Matua Edward, we miss you. The seeds you have sown are growing and your legacy will long last.

A big thank you to Tuahuru Marae, Rae, Toria, Trixie, Janice and all the whanau for their great sense of hospitality.


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