Te Mahia School at the National Aquarium

From Te Mahia School blog :

We have to be the luckiest Kura ever! We have had the most amazing couple of days. We had an awesome time at Tutira School yesterday as well as the pools. We had an adventurous overnight stay at the aquarium! And this morning we were treated to a surprise sit and chat with a real life penguin! Her name was Draco. She was tiny- but was 9 years old (which is like 90 penguin years!!!). After that we got to go up to the top of the tanks and see where the diver gets in the water! We then went down and watched him feed the fish. After a quick play we went for a walk to perfume point to see the “sea mural” and then had some pizza at the park. We have just finished visiting Eskdale School who are a green gold enviro school- we have a lot of ideas about what we can do at Te Mahia School! Also a very big ka pai to the tamariki who we were constantly told had amazing manners and were such awesome kids! Also a big thank you to the awesome crew of parents! Without you camp wouldn’t happen A massive thank you to the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group who contributed $2000 towards our junior camp this year. The purpose was to learn more about the little blue penguin and also to network with other like-minded enviroschools. How lucky are we that they support our learning opportunities for our tamariki down in Napier. WCMG, thank you very much!


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