Whangawehi walkway update

On Thursday the 10th of December 2020, Kevin Jones, Archaeologist was on site to make sure the construction of the walkway was undertaken in accordance with the management plan approved by Heritage New Zealand. Kevin was happy with the work done so far .

Several culverts were brought onto the property to allow proper drainage in key areas. Our Contractors, Charlie and Scott from Southern Star Trial are progressing very fast and it is not easy to keep up with them.

A big thank you to Kevin for facilitating this work, our contractors including Josh Knauf for making himself available when needed. We have to cut open several fences as we progress along the river and it is much appreciated to have these fences put back up as soon as the digger has finished its work.

Thank you to Bevan Parker, Farm Manager on Pongaroa Station for being accommodating and allowing some fences to be shifted in order to save time and money.

The track is now formed on 500 m approximatively.

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