Whangawehi update

The Whangawehi catchment is looking amazing in this late winter early spring. Our trees are growing well everywhere! The newly retired Mangatupae stream was planted in July 2019 with a mixture of manuka and podocarps. The trees have been recently release sprayed and are looking great. The wetland planted in May 2019 during a community planting day is doing extremely well as well. The open water created in January is already attracting a large number of ducks.

As you can see on the photos, Josh Rofe, Manager on Taharoa Trust is already docking marking the beginning of a new season.

The trees planted on Okepuha Station two years ago are looking extremely healthy. Richard and Hannah are busy raising the next generation of caretakers for their retired areas!

It has been a very busy with for Bevan on Pongaroa Station with 15 ha retired in 2 tributaries to the Whangawehi stream and 5 ha retired in the Wainui catchment. The bush block by the woolshed has been extended by retiring an adjoining wetland.

Well done Whangawehi team, you are incredible

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