Te Wai Maori Trust visits Whangawehi

Just recently we were privileged to have Te Wai Maori Trust come and meet the Whangawehi community.  Te Wai Maori are an important funder of the project and have been involved since the onset.   We are most grateful for there loyal and ongoing support. 

Graeme and Diana attended our meeting and got the opportunity to share a cup of tea with our members. We took them for a tour starting with Pongarao Station-where from a lookout point they were able to measure the scale of the restoration project.

We then drove onto Pat and Sue O’Brien’s property which we accessed from the back of the farm. We stopped along the way to explain the work already done on the wetland and on the Whare. The visitors were most impressed by the size and quality of the plantings. We ended our tour on Okepuha Station where Richard took us around his most recent planting project.

The day went very well.  Thank you to Dianna and Graeme for visiting our project.  Your ongoing support of our project is much appreciated.


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