Update Community Planting

Everything looks great at this year’s planting site.   The area has been fenced and sprayed and the plants have started arriving. The plants look very healthy.   All the holes will be dug and the plants laid out so it will just be a matter of planting the tree and ensuring it is firmly in the ground. We will make a decision if the weather is looking dodgy by the Thursday before, and email you through this list.  We will be on site from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm

Meeting point is at the Whangawehi Bridge car park – just turn up.

Directions – Once you have arrived in Opoutama just follow the red arrows to Whangawehi Bridge.  In Opoutama the first turn is right, over the railway crossing onto Ormond Drive, stay on this road which then becomes East Coast Road which will take you to the Whangawehi Bridge car park.  Personnel will be there to direct you from there.   It is not safe to drive vehicles down the hill to the actual planting site, so we will have transport down the hill or you may prefer to walk down the old road (about 10 minutes).

 Late Arrivals – there is a plan for you too.

FeeI free to arrive and leave when it suits, if you arrive after we have left the Whangawehi Bridge Car Park, there will be arrows to direct you to Pongaroa Station, first turn on the right over the Whangawehi bridge,  just continue to follow the arrows. When you arrive at the last gate where cars are not permitted to enter for safety reasons, you may have to walk to the site (approx 10 minutes down hill).

It will be great to see you there.

Thank you all for your support.

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