End of year water run.

Arthur Bowen, Cultural Health Index Co-ordinator completed his last water monitoring session for the year.  Algae growth levels in the river are steadily decreasing probably due to the lower than average water temperatures.  Large numbers of both whitebait and Red Fin Bully were observed in the forest area in shallow water.  With the approach of summer the water flow is steadily decreasing which will increase water temperature and reduce the life supporting capacity of the stream.  With the native trees planted on the stream banks we hope to create a shading effect that will lower water temperature and increase life supporting capabilities of the stream.  Tissue sample analysis undertaken last month on Whetiko and Cockels for heavy metal and hydro-carbons showed below guidelines levels.   Recently, E. coli levels were above recreational guidelines after the rain event of November and clearly indicates that we still have some work ahead of us.  On a positive note E. coli levels have been below recreational levels since January 2015 (except for after this rain event) so their is hope that once the restoration programme is completed we might significantly improve water quality in general.

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