Nuhaka school visits Whangawehi

The Whangawehi Catchment Management group was privileged to have the visit of Nuhaka school students today in what could be shaping up to be a new partnership between the two groups.

Oha Manuel, community engagement officer and Nic Caviale, project co-ordinator walked the students to Mamangu for a site visit.  The children undertook water testing on the Whangawehi River, laid out traps for pest control measures and staked the newly planted native trees.

On returning, the group stopped next to a midden (an old Maori shellfish pit)  and discussed how local Tipuna lived off the land and the sea.

The final highlight for the day was visiting the blue penguin box site where the group is actively trying to attract back this bird.

Thank  you to  Shane Mildenhall for allowing access to the site and to the students for their help and enthusiasm.

5 thoughts on “Nuhaka school visits Whangawehi

  1. Bravo Nico pour tout ce que tu fais !!! C’est tres chouette et constructif.Continue !!! La bise à toute la famille.

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