Te Mahia school student enjoyed their reef workshop

A message from Nicky O’Brien, School Principal at Te Mahia and studenets

 Kiaora korua,

The children, staff, bus driver, parents – everyone, was absolutely buzzing about the session yesterday. Sandy Telford who drives the bus said she was in bed at 10pm last night trying to go to sleep and still going over all of what she had leant during the session. A very big successful day thank you Jenni. Once again working your magic.


Today we had an amazing enviroschools trip.

It began with a trip down to Whangawehi where we met the Aurora, and their crayfish catch for the day. Rob and Selwyn where there to show us what they had caught for the day, and showed us how they loaded them onto the back of the truck.

From there they drove them around to Nanny Doi’s house where they have special crayfish pools. These pools are where the crayfish stay before being trucked down to Wellington, and from there they fly out to China.

Once we had had a look at the crayfish in the pools, and asked Rob and Selwyn questions about the crayfish, we wandered around to the fishing club for lunch.

After lunch we had three different activities to head off and do. With Whaea Jenni we pretended to catch some “laminated” fish. We had to identify what fish we had caught and find our whether or not it was a legal size.
With Aunty Ali we learnt about how to get Paua correctly, and without harming them. We even had turns at shucking the paua. Aunty Ali had even cooked up some Paua for us all to sample! It was delicious.
Nanny Rae was very kindly monitoring us all on the rocks and making sure we didn’t disappear around the point. We had a lot of fun finding limpets, and crabs, as well as avoiding the incoming tide!

It was so nice for us all to get out in this beautiful spring weather and make the most of all that is around us here in beautiful Mahia! We are all very lucky that all the information we learnt, we can now put into practice when we all go to collect our own kai moana.

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