New Signing at Whangawehi

On Saturday the 19th of September, the Whangawehi Community gathered at Tuahuru Marae to celebrate a new Signing of the Whangawehi Catchment Management group’s Memorandum of Understanding. Three new landowners have decided to join and support the group’s vision : M Fay owner of Pongaroa Station, Richard and Hannah Coops, owners of Okepuha Station and Kathy and Marc Bowen owner of a family farm.MoUoctober2015
This ceremony is a milestone in the group’s journey and with new supporters, the WCMG is in a stronger position to continue its conservation work. The community work has been outstanding with 69 000 trees planted over the last two years, a school and a pest control programme amongst other initiatives. HBRC Chairman, Fenton Wilson, was impressed by the work done and re iterated the fact that the collaborative approach used was unique and should be used by other groups as a template.
On behalf of the WCMG, we would like to thank you all for this very special day and are looking forward to progressing the implementation of our Catchment Management Plan.
Nic Caviale-Delzescaux


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