Blue Penguin and Te Mahia School

Little Blue Penguin

At School on Wednesday, our day started off by watching a short clip about the Blue Penguin population numbers on Banks Peninsula being restored. The people living on the peninsula had completed extensive trapping for predators and built burrows for the penguins to breed in. Malcolm Smith then told us lots of facts and information about the Blue Penguin, where they live, what they eat, and what makes them different from other penguins. From here we rehearsed the ‘Penguin Song.’
After morning tea we split into three groups; burrow construction, arts and crafts, penguin science and research. During the morning all of the children had completed all 3 workshops. Many thanks to Whaea Jenni Scothern and Matua Arthur who came to support our tamariki during the day. It is always amazing, the resources and energy people bring to Te Mahia School and the engagement and motivation our tamariki show. There will be a display in town in the Hammer Hardware front window of all of todays learning. Do watch out for it!


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