Whangawehi community planting day : update

The team has been very busy preparing the site over the past few days. EIT students joined us today to give us a hand…much appreciated as there is so much to be done.

A big thank you to Pat for mowing the site and Malcolm and Simon for transporting all the trees down to the river.

On the Pongaroa Station front, thank you to Shane and Malcolm Smith from DOC for providing a great watering system for the trees stored on Pongaroa Station. The fire pump and the sprinklers did a fantastic job.

WEATHER UPDATE : the forecast for the week end is not looking promising. A decision will be made Thursday evening regarding a possible postponement (following week end). Please check out the blog for update and thank you for your support.

IMG_5711 IMG_5718 IMG_5700 IMG_5699 IMG_5691

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