White bait habitat workshop with Te Mahia School

Te Mahia school students recorded on their blog (http://www.temahia.blogspot.co.nz/) their trip to the river to learn more about White bait habitat :

Room 1 tamariki were on the hunt for whitebait eggs on Wednesday afternoon down at the Whangawehi River. They were learning about; the different types of whitebait there are, the different types of vegetation they could see, the weather conditions, how to use GPS, and the different types of birds they could see. Sadly we couldn’t find a single whitebait egg but the tamariki know what to look for and where they can find whitebait eggs next time. Everyone enjoyed the muddy surfaces and slippery rocks resulting in some tamariki falling over and getting wet. The sound of laughter was infectious! Learning more about our whenua, our place is what Te Mahia School children enjoy. Thank you to Matua Arthur and Whaea Jenni who led the way with this project, will definitely have to wait for the next spring tide to have another go.

March 2015 003 March 2015 008 March 2015 009 March 2015 013

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