First planting project finished on Taharoa Trust

Pat and Sue O’Brien celebrated on Saturday evening the end of their first conservation planting project along the Whangawehi Stream. It has been a real battle for the O’Briens who have faced over the winter terrible weather conditions. The track slipped, the main crossings over the river disapperead … site access has been really challenging. The last time the owners were able to undertake a planting was in late June! A big thank you to Impact Forestry who have established in a short time frame the remaining trees (8000).

With a year of hardship, the owners and project coordinator have learnt a lot and feel confident for next years plantings.

Our apologies to our funders who would have loved to see this first project completed earlier on but mother nature dictates what we can or can’t do along the Whangawehi stream.

The bird life is already flourishing along the retired area with large numbers of King Fishers and ducks (with ducklings) already observed.

Congratulations to you all for this years achievements

IMG_3388 IMG_3403 IMG_3407 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3412

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