Some very rare native trees for Whangawehi


DOCPittosporumThe DOC team was quite impressed by the quality of the fencing work done at Whangawehi and the pest control put in place to protect the new planted area. They established a few weeks ago 100 very rare specimen trees ( Pittosporum obcordatum)   

Etymology : Pittosporum: pitch seed – obcordatum: reversed heart shape

Current Conservation status : 2012 – Threatened – Nationally Vulnerable

 Primarily threatened by loss of habitat. Initially this was caused by the widespread clearance of the easterly, lowland alluvial forest habitats this species favours. However, decline has continued, even within many protected forest remnants due to subtle changes in forest microclimate and hydrology, bought about by habitat fragmentation, and also many populations are threatened by the spread of aggressive weeds, which suppress (or prevent) regeneration, and can smother adult trees. Some locations consist of single trees, which are then in effect reproductively extinct. However, like many Pittosporum, plants may be either female, male or sexually inconstant, so some isolated individuals can set seed.

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