Restoration project along the Whangawehi stream (Taharoa Trust/Grandy Lake Forest) : update

The first restoration project undertaken on Pat and Sue O’Brien and Grandy Lake Forest is progressing. The new fence will be finished by mid May and the first compartiment will secured by the end of May. Contractors have done a great job and we are looking forward to our first plantings mid July.

Cultural survey : the field assessment was done early this month and a report will be provided by our Matakite Mana Cracknell.
Reef monitoring workshop : our next school workshop will take place on the 15 th of May with a reef workshop run by local kaitiaki and marine experts
Branding project : Mike Barton will share his journey with the “Taupo Beef” on the 22d of May at the Mahia Golf Club Hall at 3.3 pm.

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