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The Mountain Bike Ride 2017 is finished, thank you to all the participants for their support. Enjoy the photos and see you next year.

Mahia Coast to Coast

The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group is offering an opportunity this summer to discover the magnificent scenery of Mahia Peninsula by mountain bike.  This mountain bike ride will be another vehicle to promote the restoration project and raise awareness of the groups work. This year and with support from Adventure Wairoa, a short 3 km ride will be offered to 5 to 10 years old kids (see flyer below-free activity)

Dates have changed from our initial programme, please take note of that. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Flyer : mountain-bike-poster-jan2017

Kids ride : whangawehikidsride (free)

Fee : $10 per participants, free for children up to 18 years of age.

This 25 kilometre loop will start (and finish) at the Mahia Fishing Club,

Saturday 28th of January 2017 at 10.30am with registrations at 9.00am and safety briefing commencing from 9.30am. Replacement date 4/02/2017

Ride description :

The ride will include gravel roads along the Kini kini road and forestry tracks with some steep gradients along the way.   Hopefully the scenery will make this effort all worth while 🙂  Bring all your gear, bike, helmet, plenty of water and lunch.  A shuttle and a trailer (for bikes) have been organised to allow our younger and or older bikers to enjoy this event. The shuttle will take the participants at the Fishing Club and will drop them off on top of the hill on the Kinikini road. The same shuttle and trailer will be available at the Whangawehi boat ramp (on the other side of the Peninsula) for those not wanting to finish the loop on the road. If you require any further information please contact Project Co-Ordinator Nic Caviale-Delzescaux on 06 838 8527.  Keep an eye on for last minute updates.

Ride map and profile :